Lumien Lighting

Illuminating The Alamo
A Texas Outdoor Lighting Project - July 2021

This project is an extension of Texas Outdoor Lighting's previous work on the monument. In July 2011, the company designed and installed the LED lighting system on the Alamo and has maintained the property ever since. With this new undertaking, the lighting designers will be updating the older LED fixtures in the Calvary Courtyard. In light of the economic hardships after being shut down for the last year due to the pandemic, Texas Outdoor Lighting will be donating the new lighting system to The Alamo, working with Lumien Lighting, their lighting manufacturer and partner, to make the project possible.

"We are thrilled to be working with a veteran-owned, Texas-based company like Texas Outdoor Lighting to enhance the lighting in the Cavalry Courtyard," said Alamo Trust Executive Director Kate Rogers. "They did a tremendous job when they were tasked with lighting this space in 2011, and we are looking forward to how the advances in LED technology since then will help improve the visitor experience in the courtyard. The lighting will continue to be vibrant without being distracting or out of place with the reverent tone of the overall site."

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