Lumien Lighting

Lumien Lighting

For almost 20 years, Lumien Lighting has been manufacturing high-quality fixtures in the lighting industry. We have made it our mission to provide the first complete modular lighting product line - our Quick Connect System by Lumien Lighting. By using our three patented modules, you can create unlimited variations of directional, area, pendant, recessed, well, catenary, and underwater fixtures. To compliment this system, Lumien Lighting also offers an integrated aluminum product line as well as a standard brass product line with removable light sources.

Our LED Fixtures

The manufacturing plant for Lumien Lighting sits on 5 acres in China. The factory is equipped with sophisticated auto-soldering and SMT machines, advanced testing devices, independent EMI laboratory, and a rigorous ISO9001 quality control system. Our fixtures are designed and manufactured with the contractor in mind - innovation, performance, durability, and transparency are all at the forefront of Lumien Lighting's promise to the industry.

Lumien Lighting welcomes all customers who have an interest in landscape lighting. We are happy to share more about the endless possibilities that we can provide and encourage you to review our product catalog for fixture specifications.