A Texas Outdoor Lighting Project - July 2021


Our Story

Texas Outdoor Lighting, a local veteran-owned, award-winning outdoor lighting company, shared their renewed project modernizing the lights at the Alamo, the historical Texas mission and fortress. This project is an extension of Texas Outdoor Lighting’s previous work on the monument. In July 2011, the company designed and installed the LED lighting system on the Alamo and has maintained the property ever since. With this new undertaking, the lighting designers will be updating the older LED fixtures in the Calvary Courtyard.


They updated this area with newer, brighter, better LED fixtures to properly show off this beautiful courtyard and highlighting the new bronze sculptures that are on site. The new fixtures create a much more vibrant lighting scene for this courtyard, as the Alamo once again begins to host events there after dark.

Project Photos

Lumien Lighting the Alamo 2.jpg
Lumien Lighting the Alamo 3.jpg
Lumien Lighting the Alamo 6.jpg
Lumien Lighting the Alamo 1.jpg
Lumien Lighting the Alamo 5.jpg
Lumien Lighting the Alamo 4.jpg

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